Wellcome to Africa bioethics network

Means making sure we have strong relationships with groups such as: National regional bodies, institutions.

To bring together concerns about health, the environment, sustainability, justice, and responsibility

Africa Bioethics Network (ABN) is dedicated to increasing the understanding of bioethical issues. ABN provides

access to resources, offers educational programs, and provides networking opportunities with the goal of improving

the health and quality of life for individuals and across communities

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Building capacity

Develop skills and knowledge for global research, foster international networks, and forge partnerships with civil society and private sectors.


Cultivate strong relationships with national and regional bodies, civil society organizations, private enterprises, and academic institutions across Africa.


Embrace diversity, leverage technology for real-time communication, and collaborate globally.

Extending our reach

Forge partnerships to solve region-specific problems with broader applications, leveraging national organizations, universities, and civil society partners to disseminate advances globally.

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