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Africa Bioethics Network
Cultivating partnerships across Africa to address ethical and moral issues impacting Africa
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Africa Bioethics Network is a professional, non-political and non-profit-making organization with the goal of bringing together multidisciplinary experts in health
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Social sciences and humanities from Africa in order to promote dialogue, sensitization and action in tackling Bioethical issues.
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Welcome to

Africa Bioethics Network


Our vision is to bringing together multidisciplinary group so as to create a continental collaborative network to educate, share lessons and begin to create a common approach to ethics issues in our continent.

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Building capacity

Promote the development of skills and knowledge needed to: take part effectively in global research programs; build and support international research networks; and develop effective partnerships with civil society organizations and private sector entities.

To bring together concerns about health, the environment, sustainability, justice, and responsibility


Means making sure we have strong relationships with groups such as: National regional bodies, institutions, and regional research agencies; Civil society and non-government organizations that work with communities; Private sector enterprises of all sizes, from entrepreneurs and local businesses to international corporations; Academic and technical institutions in Africa.

Ensure our governance and communications

Is sensitive to diversity. Make good use of information technology and collaborative tools to communicate in real-time as we work together across the globe.

Extending our reach

Through partnerships, extend our reach to solve problems in one area that can be applied to similar regions elsewhere. The many national organizations, universities, and civil society organizations who partner with us help spread advances and make them widely available.

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